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Directorate of School Education and Administration


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This directorate solely deals with the Schools administration and responsible for maintaining links between all district Office, sub divisional offices, BACs and all Government Schools regarding circulation of Administrative orders of the Government. At present this section is also assigned to deal the case of Mid day Meal and National Literacy Mission

  Head of the Directorate: Mrs.Yashoda Bhandari(SCS)
Room No.201
Ph. No.202758
1st floor
  Two sections are under this directorate:  
01. Administration
02. Mid Day Meal & National Literacy Mission
03. Exam Section
04. Evs & Open School
  A. In the administration, section head is joint Director (Admn) and assisted by two Deputy Directors, Head Assistance and One Office Superintendent, three UDCs, five LDCs. Followings are the assignment under the administrative section:  
01. All government schools (Lower Primary Schools, Junior High Schools, Senior Secondary Schools)

02. All the staff and officials of above schools viz Principals, Headmaster/Headmistress, Post Graduate Teachers, Head Language Teachers, Primary Teachers, Primary Language Teachers, School Mothers, Librarians, Laboratory Assistants, Laboratory Attendants, All fourth grade staff.


It deals with all the administrative cases related to above schools and staff viz determining the place of posting of appointee during his/her initial appointment and issuance of appointment order, memorandum, police verification reports, inter district transfer, disciplinary cases (suspension) or imposing Penalty probation clearance, services confirmation, Advencement Grade & Higher grade placement, all leave cases, voluntary retirements, superannuation retirements, Invalid pension,
Compulsory retirement, Citation, Death Saces, Adhoc appointment, muster roll extension for 89 days, all issuance of office orders, schools inspections and other miscellaneous correspondence and inter departmental correspondence etc.


Power of approval:
Director (School Education & Administration) shall have exclusive discreation to approve cases like recommendation of placement in Advancement Grade of teachers by district level Departmental Promotion Committee, Earned leave, Casual leave, medical leave, Extra ordiary leave, annual increments, advance/special increments like B.Ed, M.Ed, TTI, Green Cards, extension of muster roll appointments, internal working arrangement, No objection certificates.

Cases which are being forwarded to Head of the department for approval:

Superannuation retirements, Voluntary retirements, Invalid Pension, Compulsory retirements, inter districts transfers. Probation crossing and confirmation of services, Yearly stationeries, Suspension and disciplinary action, Policy decision, enactment of mew rulers for teaching staff etc, in house transfer of official, Study Leave, Leave for foreign travels, permission to communicate with other department, No objection certificate to obtain Indian Passport, authorized pension & family pension, Compassionate appointment, adhoc appointments, deputation of teachers and staff.

B a. Mid Day Meal/National Literacy Mission
   b. Exam Section
   c. Evs & Open School
These sections will submit its brief write up separately.
  02. Manpower under Administration section:  
Mr.M.P. Subba
Addl.Director (Adm) room no.202, Ph.No22.643
Extension: 213
Mrs. Binita Rai Joint Secretary(Adm) room no.203(I)
Shri B.B.Gurung Dy. Director (Adm) room no., Ph No.220643
Mrs. Mamta Mukhia Under Secretary(Adm) room no.203(II)  
Mrs. Gaki Choden, Bhutia Office Superintendent(I), room no.203,(III)  Extension No.285
Mrs.Y.Doma Lepcha Office Superintendent(II)  
Mrs. Vavna Rai, Steno (PA to Director) (II)  
Mrs. Sarah Leapcha, Head Assistant  
Mrs. Rashmi Kapil Head Assistant  
Miss.Neeta Diyali Head Assistant  
Mrs. Tshering Lhamu Bhutia UDC  
Mrs.Laden Bhutia UDC  
Miss.Jhumma Pradhan UDC  
Miss.Meena Pradhan LDC  
Mr. Indra Chettri, LDC  
Mrs. Tshering Doma Lepcha  Peon  
Mr. Rudra Bdr Gurung, Peon  
Mr. Passang Bhutia, Peon  
Mr. Palden Lepcha, Peon  
Mrs. Songmit Lepcha, Peon  

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